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The  KULLA Coliving

KULLA Life redefines the concept of coliving with premium features, providing a comfortable and enjoyable green living experience.

Share, embellish, and enrich your everyday life by witnessing the balance between generations in KULLA houses.

A Raisonible Budget

We offer a premium green life for a very reasonable price.

Everyone has the right to indulge in the luxury of nature.

All inclusive Leases

Leasing includes services such as cleaning, garden maintenance, insurance, Wi-Fi, entertainment, etc.

Flexible Leasing

Thanks to our flexible leasing policy, KULLA residents can easily terminate their lease at any time by giving notice one month prior to the date of departure.

Easy and hassle-free moving

KULLA Houses are fully furnished and equipped. You can settle in and enjoy KULLA life by simply packing up your personal belongings.

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