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Yuvarlak Kilim

A Premium Life

KULLA House allows you to enjoy an eco-friendly, spacious, and harmonious coliving space in the heart of nature without sacrificing comfort. The well-being of KULLA residents is our top priority.

The KULLA resident room

With a minimum area of 15 m2, the KULLA resident room is bright and spacious, secured with a smart door lock and an individual safe, equipped with a private bathroom and toilet, including workspace.

Coworking space

Coworking space is specially adapted and designed for remote workers.


The KULLA manager is available 24/7 to assist KULLA residents during their stay.


Premium electric bikes and vehicles are available to KULLA residents 24/7.


Accessible only to KULLA residents for monitoring our services and participating in the events.

Common areas

With approximately 100 m2, the common area includes a living room, dining room, fully furnished large open kitchen, and a landscaped garden of approximately 2000 m2.

Tiny House

A unique space reserved for KULLA residents who wish to live and share the KULLA experience.

Maintenance services

A housekeeper and a gardener are present for regular maintenance

Accommodation opportunities in metropolitan areas

We offer you the opportunity to spend one to two nights in a shared flat in the city reserved for KULLA residents.

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