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A New Green Lifestyle

KULLA House has been renovated in harmony with environmental considerations, paying the utmost attention to nature and the preservation of the planet.

Fully refurbished house

As KULLA Groupe, we set our hearts and minds on renovating old houses in the countryside while minimizing the carbon footprint during construction. Our commitment also serves the preservation of the existing heritage.

Sharing the electric car

We offer short-term rentals of KULLA electric cars and the possibility to use KULLA charging stations nearby.

Use of natural materials

Wooden furniture with natural textiles (linen and cotton) 

Cleaning and maintaining the house with homemade natural products.

Digital Management

We have a zero-paper policy for contracts and leases, bound by electronic signature.

Information and instructions are shared and stored digitally.

Data, services, and tracking are managed via KULLA App.

Priority to local services and offers

KULLA Groupe prioritizes local possibilities in providing services to minimize carbon footprint.

Green energy

We have a photovoltaic system to meet the daily energy needs and to recharge electric vehicles.

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater is collected for use in toilets, cleaning, watering the garden and the vegetable patch.

Vegetable garden and composting

We use our composters to recycle organic waste and fertilize the plants and vegetables in our gardens.

Vegetables are cultivated for the consumption of KULLA residents.

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