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An Enriched Life 
in the countryside 

KULLA Services animates the social life of KULLA residents through cultural and sports activities.

Recreational workshops

Cooking workshops with chefs, landscaping with gardeners, painting and sculpting with artists.

Enhance your daily life with creative hobbies, join the green enthusiasm of KULLA.

Discovery workshops 

KULLA residents enjoy the surrounding nature by biking, tracking, hiking, and electric car rallies on French country roads. 

Dinner organization

Once a month, a chef prepares a themed dinner at the KULLA home, allowing KULLA residents to enjoy the various tastes of world cuisine.

Sports and relaxation workshops

KULLA cares about your well-being. We organize fitness, yoga, Pilates, sheathing, boxing, massage, and meditation workshops.

Cultural workshops

What would life be without culture? Since culture is an indispensable part of our vision, we share your values by organizing trips to museums, theaters, and concerts as well as indulging in group reading in literary cafés.


With the user-friendly KULLA app, you can book and pay for our activities and services on demand..

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